More than just good for business

The leaders of Zep, Inc. recognize that their sustainability initiatives represent a compelling business opportunity—consumers are clearly conscious of the environmental practices of businesses they support and many are specifically looking for products that align with their values. However, the Zep commitment runs deeper than that.

“As a public company, in particular, we have the opportunity to set an example for others…and hopefully influence them and their thinking about creating sustainability initiatives,” says Zep Inc. CEO, John K. Morgan.

Zep takes its responsibility as one of the country’s leading specialty chemical manufacturers seriously. While the company’s sustainability initiatives greatly impact the natural environment, they also serve to improve the business environment of the chemical manufacturing industry as a whole.

Further, Zep products and services support a broad range of industries including automotive, hospitality, food processing, car washing, government, manufacturing, institutional, and municipalities. Zep Inc. demonstrates the successful integration of green initiatives to many companies that are interested in further advancing their own sustainability initiatives.

With the help of Zep Superior Solutions, green business is growing and you’ll never look at industrial cleaning products the way you used to.